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Youth Hunt Age Check!

February 1, 2016

Hey you guys! If you happened to listen in to my radio show segment this past weekend, you heard me talking about all this confusion on the age limit for this weekend’s upcoming Special Youth Waterfowl Hunt!

In short, California law was awesomely changed this past year allowing youth -17 and under – to qualify for a Jr. Hunting License! However this doesn’t quite match up on the Federal Regulations side of things and waterfowl happen to fall under Federal Law! Federal Law still lists Jr. Hunters as 15 years and younger! Unfortunately all those kiddos 16 and older will have to hang up their waders like the rest of big kids until next season!


Hopefully we can get these regs to match up soon! Check out the link below for more details on this topic!

Federal, State Rules Differ for Junior Hunters



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