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February 24, 2017

Three Tips from our Baja Sport Fishing Adventure!

I have come to learn that the more new and different outdoor adventures I experience, the more addicted I become! Every new experience brings with it a rush or high. It’s like a flipping drug.  And just like a drug, the more adventures I expose myself to, the more I want! It’s just plain crazy! I admit that I am an adventure junkie! I guess there are far worse things I could be addicted to, but let me tell you about my latest vice …DEEP SEA FISHING IN MEXICO!!!

Casey and I just got back from an amazing little R&R trip to Cabo San Lucas and of course we couldn’t travel to Baja without some sort of hunting or fishing action!! Our long time friend and waterfowl client, Mark has owned a charter boat in a sport fishing fleet down in Cabo for over a decade now and he has encouraged us to jump on board time and time again! Work, kids, family, and a bajillion other excuses have detoured us from a beach style vacay for pretty much our entire existence as a couple, but both of us committed to squeezing in an “alone trip” as part of our 2017 goals which leads to my first tip of this post! Tip #1: Life is short, so take the dang trip and fish with a reputable company like Pisces Sportfishing! And why not Cabo?  You can have the relaxation of the beach one day and the excitement of deep sea fishing the next!  A quick phone call to our travel agent friend, Ronda at Destinations Travel and she had us lined out and ready to go!


Now, it wouldn’t be a Casey and Regina Excellent Adventure without some sort of hiccup. Of course the day we originally planned to fish was the first rain day of the season in Cabo! Actually it was more like a torrential down pour, but no problem-o. We called Mark and moved our trip on the Bill Collector to the following day, which was forecast to be sunny with light winds. When we arrived  at the Marina before sunrise the next day, it was apparent that the ocean was telling a different story. It was a rough one! So rough in fact, the port didn’t open until late morning as a safety precaution. Regardless, we headed out and unlike my sea-sickness prone husband who prepared for the day by applying a nice nausea prevention patch behind his ear the night before, I stubbornly thought I could handle whatever the sea had in store for me that day! Boy was I wrong and leads me to my next tip. Tip #2: Even if you have never gotten sea sick, get a patch prescribed from your doc and put it behind your ear the night before! So Yes, as you may have guessed, we were just about three quarters of the way into our hour plus buckaroo ride out to sea when the puke bucket became my most useful appendage. Ugh!!!! Plus side, was the unexpected ab workout I got out of dry heaving for 4 hours!


Nonetheless, if you know me and my adventure addiction, you know that I am not one to call it quits. Nope, I made due and battled through a full day of some pretty cool fishing! The first part of the day we spent fishing for plus sized tuna! And by plus sized, I mean like 100 plus pounders! The technique we used to do this was something I loved seeing in person – kite fishing on the troll! Unfortunately, I was preoccupied and didn’t even think about taking a video of the kite in action. I did find a cool YouTube video that you can watch and see what I am talking about though! The kite and balloon and the flying fish lure were a cool concoction and I would have loved to watch a giant tuna jump out of the water and grab hold of that thing. However, a big girl wasn’t in the cards for us that day, but after a couple hours of trying for one, we found ourselves in hot pursuit of a fast moving pod of dolphins! No, we weren’t fishing for dolphin, we were using them as guides to find where the schools of tuna might be feeding and they were right on the money! Our first trolling pass using hoochies and jigs (no more kite) found ourselves hooking 15-20 pounders right and left! Each pass we made had multiple hook ups, setting off those spinning reels with the distinct musical buzz of spooling line!!  Casey hooked and reeled for what seemed like hours, losing one here and there. Occasionally I would get my head out of the bucket and reel one in myself! Those tuna are hard hitting and put up a pretty awesome fight! In all honesty, I am not sure my sea sick butt could have even reeled one inch of line in on 100+ pound fish!


Just about the time we made our last pass that afternoon,  my nausea pills kicked in and I started to feel like myself again! The boat ride back was just as much of a rodeo as it was on the way out to sea and when we finally made it back into the marina I was up and taking pictures and videos like nothing was wrong just hours before! LOL! Go figure. Regardless, I had a blast and loved learning new techniques, exploring new waters and catching fish I love to eat, which leads me to my final tip! Tip #3: Bring your Yeti cooler as a carry-on bag! So you can pack it full of the vacuum sealed frozen fish you catch and not have to pay a million dollars to ship it back! All in all, I grade this trip an A for AWESOME! If you haven’t been to Cabo, go! And if you go, Fish! It is one of the world’s best sport fishing destinations and I plan to go back every year! I am hooked! Pun intended.


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