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November 29, 2019

The Holiday Shopping Season is officially upon us!! I already feel panicked. Thanksgiving and Christmas are just too darn close together this year. It almost seems like we are losing an entire week between the two. I actually think we are. In fact, I even contemplated waking up early and heading out for some Black Friday Shopping this year. But, I just couldn’t find the will power in me to do it, especially with the hills all around us blanketed in snow!! We had to take the pups and go play in it!!!

So we opted outside and skipped Black Friday again this year! Instead, I will hit up the small boutiques, shop the antique barn sales, and even have some Christmas gifts handmade this year and that kind of stuff you just can’t find in a mall on Black Friday. I love to support the little businesses. Our gift shops in town, farm stands, and local artisans. I do that because I know first hand how awesome it feels! Quinn and I really do a happy dance every time we have a newbie join our tee shirt club. It is the best feeling ever to know that we are making something that someone loves! It is even more incredible when our club members share our tees and show them off! It is just plain awesome! 

I am excited to say that almost two years into this tee shirt club business, we have finally built in the option of auto-billing into our subscription services. So rather than paying for an entire three, six or twelve-month subscription in advance, we now have auto-renewal! The card that you use to sign up, will be initially billed for one tee and then auto-billed each month before the next tee ships! Wahoo, I feel like we are moving up in the world!! I am excited about this because it has been one of our most suggested features to add to the club! We put the request into our IT Department, aka Me, months ago and it just took her forever to get around to building this feature into the site. Not an easy task, but so glad to now have it as we go into the new year!

Also, this holiday season we are offering a “give a gift – get a gift” promotion with any subscription! The tee shirt club makes an awesome gift anyway and now if you gift a 3, 6, or 12-month membership, we will send you an insulated RTIC coffee mug with the Outdoor Love logo etched front and center! 

We would love for you give the gift of an Outdoor Love Tee Shirt Club Membership this Christmas! We really do think it makes a great gift. Plus your purchase supports an actual outdoor lovin’ super hustlin’ family!!

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