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T-Minus 21 days until Turkey Day

March 2, 2018

T-Minus 21 days until Turkey Day!

Yep, you read that right! Opening day of the California Spring Turkey Season is three weeks away and we already have our game faces on! The bonus pre-season hunt days allocated to licensed junior hunters kicks off the season the weekend of March 24th and 25th. Then we all have to wait it out until the following Saturday when the season opens for all licensed hunters statewide on March 31st.

I am personally chomping at the bit to get out there and start pre-season scouting. I absolutely love to watch these flamboyant feathered creatures, strut their stuff for all the lady birds. They are comical and truly entertaining, and trick you into thinking that they can easily be fooled into gun or bow range. In reality, these crazy birds are quite challenging to hunt and I can’t wait!!!

But, before I get carried away with sharing with you my pre-season prep, I wanted to mention the public opportunities that exist out there to get your hunt on for these big birds. Several “Special” Hunt Opportunities are available now through the CDFW ALDS system on a draw basis, similar to how the waterfowl hunt draws are conducted. I am not too certain the system has existed long enough to calculate accurate draw odds for you all, but for $2.75 per application, it wont break the bank to throw your name in the hat for access to a few great wildlife areas that are likely full of big flocks of turkeys.

I’m not going to go into too much detail on this, because a few legit sites have already written it all up in a couple awesome info posts. The CDFW E-News Blog summarizes the season info, and the California NWTF blog does a great job explaining the new application process. I have also attached a simple screen recording of how to apply by navigating the internet waves and walking through the steps on the CDFW site. Don’t hesitate to holler if you have questions and definitely put your junior hunters in for these opportunities. Unfortunately, I slacked on this post and the deadline to apply is literally any second, so don’t put it off, there is one application deadline for all the hunt days! Stay tuned for my next post, on pre-season prep!

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