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Success on Road Three!

August 21, 2015


It always takes me a while to sum up a hunt and put it all into perspective in my own mind, let alone write about the experience. I can chat about it just fine in person, but writing it out seems almost too challenging in a sense. To attempt to detail out every emotion, every thought that went through my head, is just unachievable to me in a sense, but I will try…

Let me first say that each and every time I kill an animal, I feel this overwhelming sense of awe! There is a tremendous rush of adrenaline during the kill, but once you realize your shot was true and the animal that has been your mind’s obsession takes its last breath, the reality of life and death inundates you and all you can feel is this massive deluge of complete gratitude. Hunting / Gathering / the Pursuit of Food: It is one of our most natural human instincts although modern conveniences have moved many of us away from this connection. Our relationship to nature as humans is amazing and I always feel very blessed each and every time I get the opportunity to experience this wonder!


Whoa! Okay! So now, on to the story…

…but wait, I am not going to write about it just yet because my amazing husband blogged the story over on his  Outdoor Adventures 360° Blog! >>>>>Outdoor Adventures 360° – Archery Buck Down<<<<<and yes,  he has been blogging for years about his hunts, trips and projects with clients. It has become something many of our guests look forward to after their trips with us and I always sort of giggled about it being so cool to some people, until last night when I saw that he had blogged about ME!!! Now I kinda know why they think it is cool!



So please, check out his post for the details on this hunt. When I feel I can sum it all up, I will add to the story. If you want the story on why I am calling him the Road 3 Buck, you are gonna have to ask for that in person. Just one of those inside jokes! I can say though each and every time I go out, I feel like I am improving and becoming a better hunter. Training and dedication is paying off for me and I couldn’t have a bigger smile on my face because of that! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BOW HUNTING!!




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