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Stream Fishing the 4th!

July 2, 2015

Mountain air and camp coffee is calling my name this 4th of July weekend and I absolutely cannot wait! It has become one of our most cherished family traditions to head up to Plumas County each year to camp with our family and friends and celebrate this most awesome holiday! And although the camp coffee is bar none, it’s the stream fishing that takes the cake on this trip each and every year and the coolest part is that it is an outdoor activity that every single Stafford enjoys, especially Quinn (who is really into her movies, music, and kindle, most days)!


Now I am absolutely no expert on the subject of trout fishing in streams! In fact, both my kids can out fish me by a long shot and I’ll even admit that I spend most of my time trying to get my lure untangled from a tree branch, but I thought I would share some “mom” type tips on how to make sure the kiddos have a good time and want to do it again and again! I should mention, that I have always had the mentality that the kids fit into our lives, we don’t fit our lives around them. A lot of people will disagree with me on this, but I do think that is one of the reasons that we have had such good luck in getting our kids to fall in love with outdoors as much as they have! Nonetheless, I do my best to make sure the trip is as enjoyable for them as it is for me and the best advice I can give, is to make sure that the kids are safe and comfortable, as well as entertained the entire time! What I call the rule of SC&E!


I’ve unpacked my backpack to share with you what I bring along on these stream fishing adventures, to make sure that I can follow my SC&E rule with my own kids!


My Backpack List of Items includes:

  1. First Aid Kit – Bandaids, Sting Relief, Antiseptic and Alcohol Pads, etc.
  2. Sunscreen and Bug Spray!!! Do not forget this stuff!
  3. Ziplocks! I use them for trash, fish, and packing little things into to keep dry. You always need a ziplock storage bag, believe me!
  4. A big garbage bag – I have always kept one with me just incase. As more of a safety thing in case we had to stay overnight for some reason! Trash bags can keep you warm and dry!
  5. Flash Light and an Emergency Fire Starter – Just in case!
  6. Snacks!!! Energy Bars are my preference!
  7. Water – Built in Bladder in my Backpack is filled every time.
  8. Lures & Hooks;) – Always bring extras and let the kids choose the ones they want to fish with!! This helps keep them engaged and I let my littles switch them up as often as they want!
  9. Disposable Cameras – I bring a couple and let the kids take as many pictures as they want and after the trip we print the pictures and see who took the coolest photo during our outing! This is helpful when they want a break from fishing!
  10. Scavenger Hunts! These are basic free printables that I have found on the Make & Take Website or you can always get creative and make up your own! This is a fun activity to do when the kids need a break too! (download them here)!

IMG_8183 2

Make sure you plan your trip before hand and know exactly where you are taking your kiddos! Maps of most public areas can be found online and of course there is always Google Earth! Preparation and planning helps tremendously to ensure that everyone is Safe, Comfortable and Entertained!!!

Happy Independence Day to all of you! I hope you get to spend some time enjoying mother nature this weekend! Be safe and remember to Live Long in the Outdoors!


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