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Shark Week Came Early!

June 23, 2015

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I have at least 5 good topics on my “blog posts to get done” list, but they can all wait because I have to share my latest outdoor experience asap! Last Friday, Casey, Brian, Caroline and I all went SHARK FISHING!!! I have been eye-balling those leopard sharks for awhile just because they are so pretty. Yes, I said pretty and I kinda began obsessing about catching one and my obsessing about something usually translates into bugging the crap out of my husband until it happens!

So I have been lovingly harassing Casey about planning a shark trip for the last couple of months but the only problem is the sad fact that my fishing guide of a husband battles sea sickness terribly! He just can’t hang and nobody wants to purposefully put themselves through hours of chumming over the side of a boat, so I kinda feel bad for the guy! Regardless, I was bound and determined to hook a leopard shark, so I finally made him go see the Doc about his issue and that!, my friends, was a great decision! The Doc was totally able to figure out a couple different options for Casey (behind the ear medication patch, as well as a pill option) that will allow him to enjoy the awesomeness of Ocean Fishing!

With Casey’s problem solved he went to booking! Of course there was never a question in our minds about which guide we would choose to take us on this Shark Fishing Adventure! “Captain” Jay Lopes has been in the guiding game for just about as long as we have been. We have spent sometime with Jay at trade shows and of course he is also part of the California Sportsmen Radio Show Pro Team! Jay owns and operates Right Hook Sportfishing and fishes many waterways including the San Francisco Bay, the Delta and Bodega Bay for Halibut, Stripers, Salmon, and Sturgeon to name a few. He certainly knows his way around this fish guiding thing to say the least. Not too mention, he is an awesome guy to be around!

The day of our trip we boarded the Right Hook out of the Berkley Marina, which really is easy to get to and only about an hour drive from Sacramento. You can read all about the Right Hook on Jay’s website, but all you really need to know, is that A. it has a restroom (head) and B. it has a restroom. That might be a deal breaker for some…anyways, I am not going to go into deep detail about the tackle, the bait, the methods we were using to fish. I am just going to be frank and to the point and tell you that you simply have to go and do this!! These fish are fun to hook and they fight hard! Like really hard! They are incredible to look at and touch once you’ve landed them and the best thing about it all, THEY ARE AWESOME TO EAT! We boated a ton of fish that day, both leopard shark and seven gill shark, and kept a couple each. I have heard time and again that shark is awesome to eat, so of course we filleted our catch and Casey and I nicely cleaned and vacuumed packed it all keeping a few slices out to cook up for Father’s Day dinner – what I now call Sharknado Tacos!


Get your buddies, lady friends, or heck even your kiddos rounded up, call Jay and book up and then make these tacos with what you catch! This is how you “live long in the outdoors” folks! Can it get any better?

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