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Sharing the Passion – Maddy’s Oregon Cow Elk Hunt

September 14, 2017

Last weekend I shared a link to an article on my Facebook page that was one of the better summaries of the benefits of teaching children to hunt. You can check out the article written by Dr. John Huber here. But anyhow, I went back and read that article at least 5 times and I really tried to center my mind around each benefit the author had outlined and how it hit home to me in regards to raising my own children.
Bear in mind, I have received my fair share of dirty looks and snide remarks about raising my kids around guns and the “hobby of killing an animal” and I have been on fire at times about these remarks and the ignorance from which they are made. Regardless, I am very proud of the children I am raising and I am proud of their knowledge, understanding and love for the outdoors, which has come from mine and Casey’s encouragement. I would even argue (Think PTO meeting and the movie, Bad Mom’s) that the character and integrity that I am building in my children through our outdoor lifestyle is second to none.
Back to that article though…
…I could add many more benefits to the short list of six that the article author pointed to, but I’d rather share a hunting story with all of you that was sent to me by a young huntress, with a little prompting by her pretty cool dad, Matt. I am beyond proud of and ecstatic for Maddy’s accomplishment and success of this hunt. However, I am even more delighted to share this story from a parenting stand point. Having experienced the pure pride and joy of my own children’s hunting success; I know that Matt is most likely still lost on cloud nine, just as I was if not more. With all the distractions and rebellion of teenage life, I am thrilled to see parent’s unwaveringly encouraging and enticing their children to experience the benefits of a hunting lifestyle. After all, Matt said it best himself when speaking about parenting through the teenager phase, “they’ll drive a parent crazy for sure! Fortunately, you get your real kids back when you get them in the outdoors away from the distraction of phones and friends”…
…Mic drop!
Thank you Maddy for sharing your adventure with us and congrats on your success! You should be so proud of this accomplishment! And Kudus to Awesome Parenting Matt and Shelley!


Hi, my name is Maddy and I wanted to share a quick story about a recent hunting trip that I did on the Oregon Coast.  It all started when my dad started putting me in for preference points in Oregon when I was 9 years old (legal to do in OR). After waiting 5 years, I was lucky enough to get drawn for one of 10 Junior hunter antlerless elk tags. We hunted along the coast near the town of Waldport. The junior hunter season runs from August 1st– Dec 31st, so that kids like me who are active in school and sports can find time to hunt. We decided to hunt in the middle of August, before the general archery season started thinking that the elk wouldn’t be disturbed yet. After four hard days of hunting in the steep, brushy jungle, I had missed shots on my only two opportunities, because of a little excitement and a bit of elk fever. After shooting at the second elk and having my dad tell me, “Sweetie, I think you missed that one too”, I remember thinking that maybe this whole elk hunting thing wasn’t for me.  Lucky for me on the last hunt of the trip, I got another chance and I was able to kill a giant Roosevelt cow elk. My shot was 190 yards and it took two solid hits to bring my elk down.  Roosevelt elk are huge!   My cow weighed around 650 pounds.  When we were walking up to it, all I could think was, “Man, this is gonna take us awhile and we still have an 8 hour drive home! ”. We quickly took pictures, quartered and boned out the meat.  After three super heavy trips to the truck, we were headed home with 3 big ice chests full of meat. News spread quickly and by the time I got home to Gridley, people were stopping me in the grocery store to congratulate me.  Just like all the other times that we’ve spent as a family in outdoors, this will be an experience I will never forget.




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