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Take the Pledge for National Hunting and Fishing Day!

September 22, 2017

It’s pretty obvious that I think Sportsmen (hunters and anglers) are pretty awesome people!!! Salt of the Earth!!! Literally! Of course, the main reason that I think they are the most rad people ever is mainly because they are the most dedicated conservationists that exist. Some may argue that bird watchers, mountain bikers, camping enthusiasts, rock climbers, hikers and kayakers too, all love wildlife and the beautiful places that they live. However, hunters and anglers love them lots and they prove so in many ways, but the most unquestionable way is by the number of dollars they pony up to put toward the preservation of wildlife and the conservation of their wildlands; roughly $1.75 Billion Dollars annually to give you a little idea. That money is generated from excise taxes (self imposed way back in the day) on the sale of hunting, shooting, archery and angling equipment. That’s 34 million hunters and anglers in the U.S., generating $100,000 dollars every 30 minutes! CRAZY! Yet so AWESOME at the same time. Those funds are then distributed to each State’s fish and wildlife agency and a variety of conservation projects are implemented that not only benefit hunters and anglers, but all people who recreate in the outdoors! I think that is something to celebrate!

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Every Day is National Hunting and Fishing Day for Us!

And luckily the 4th Saturday in September was proclaimed by President Nixon, back in 1972, to be National Hunting and Fishing Day! An official day of thanks to Sportsmen Nationwide! So basically tomorrow is somewhat of a holiday, and we should all do something to celebrate it, preferably outdoors and by taking a newbie along! Introduce the sportsmen lifestyle to someone who hasn’t caught the bug yet! You can even pledge to do so by clicking the link below and automatically be entered to win a Nascar Prize Package or a Ticket Package to the newly opened Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Aquarium in Missouri!  Speaking of that place, check out the link. Our family is headed there for Spring Break 2018 and we CANNOT wait!

If you want to take the pledge – just fill out the form here…

For those of you who may not be able to celebrate this incredible sportsmens holiday, I’ve also attached a cool coloring page from the gals over at Women’s Outdoor News, that you can print and color with your kids as a way to start the conversation about hunting and fishing!

Next year, I say we convince the POTUS to make it a three day weekend kinda holiday!

You can find more info on National Hunting and Fishing Day at the following link, by clicking here.

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