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Knot Tying 101 Challenge – Knot #1

April 23, 2020

Stay in Place Orders have certainly been pushing us all to find new ways to adapt and overcome obstacles. Our 4-H Program is still doing what it can to provide 4-H members with learning opportunities in spite of not being able to get our groups together. Zoom has suddenly become one of our most utilized apps. The turkey project that I lead is a smaller group of kids and the zoom app has been a perfect way for us to meet up virtually and check in on each other’s project progress. However, my outdoor project group is a huge group, and to schedule a zoom meeting that would fit everyone’s schedule just seems like a headache waiting to happen. So I have come up with other ways of staying in contact with the kids by creating games and challenges that keep them engaged in the Outdoors. Asking them to learn a new skill or practice some they already know, seems to be working fairly well. I just wish I could visit with them in person and see their faces as they learn these new things!

Anyhow, to get to the topic of this post, I have created a knot tying challenge. I will send the kids a series of video tutorials teaching them how to tie some basic knots and in the end, I hope to play a game with them that will test their new knot-tying skills. Below is the video teaching the first knot of the challenge – the Basic Overhand Knot! Grab some string, yarn, rope, or even floss and watch the video with your kids and encourage them to learn this knot and the others to come. Every outdoorsman needs to know how to tie a few good knots. Have fun!

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