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It’s National Public Lands Day!

September 30, 2017

Today is National Public Lands Day!

National Public Lands Day is a day to celebrate something we all share, our public lands!

Lots of volunteer events are going on around the entire state today on our public lands! Events to help bring awareness, give back and show pride in the fact that 52% of the land in California is public! (30% of the entire country).

Find an event near you by clicking here.

Trash clean ups, pulling invasive species or clearing trails are all action items on many event agendas for the day but even if you can’t catch a volunteer event, why not at least take the family outside to enjoy the outdoors on these public lands!

Wether it’s your neighborhood park or the nearest beach, or one of the nation’s awe-inspiring national parks, public lands are places where we live, learn, play, exercise, and best of all, hunt and fish!!

Public lands are our greatest assets as hunters and anglers and there are many efforts underway to bring awareness to the fact that we are all public landowners. The #keepitpublic campaign and the #publiclandowner campaign have been spotlighted by outdoor organizations and companies alike, including Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, First Lite ApparelNational Wildlife Federation and the Theodore Rosevelt Conservation Partnership!

Today, if you make a purchase of any kind from First Lite, you can round up your amount for conservation and they will match your donation, dollar for dollar! Pretty cool, I think! You get to purchase some amazing technical gear and give to the conservation of our public lands while your at it! And if a shopping spree isn’t in your cards, how about renewing your membership to any of the conservation organizations listed about, or one of your choice!?

Also, NPLD is a fee-free day for all federal public lands and many state parks. So Regardless of what you end up doing today, whether it’s volunteering, enjoying some lake time, maybe hiking, fishing, or hunting, whatever it may be, take this day to enjoy the great outdoors on the lands we all enjoy so much!

Today is National Public Lands Days! Wether it’s Christmas Tree Cutting, Stocking Up on Firewood or Filling the Freezer with the Animals we Hunt, we do it all on our Public Lands!

Public lands are the foundation of my passion for the outdoors. As a young child I can remember countless days spent in the forests near my home. Whether it was cutting firewood, gathering mushrooms, or hunting big game, many of my childhood memories were made on these public lands. Those memories have turned themselves into traditions as we raise our own children in the same way. Our public lands are true sign of the beauty of our freedoms here in the United States and I hope they remain for generations to come!


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