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An Online Hunting Course You Can Learn A lot From

August 9, 2019

So you passed your Hunter Education & Safety Course, now what? It seems that many new hunters who take the proper steps to become licensed are left behind after receiving that hard-earned accolade of completion. Many new youth hunters and adult-onset hunters without immediate hunting mentors are left without direction or further training of any kind to become a successful hunter. Now don’t quote me on this but, here in California almost 25% of youth who complete and pass a Hunters Education Course, never go on to purchase a hunting license. And I have no clue how many of those that do, continue to do so year after year. That would take one heck of a survey on F&W’s part to find out. Nonetheless, my point is that although a few organizations like California Waterfowl and NWTF host advanced hunter camps and clinics as well as mentor hunting trips, these opportunities are extremely limited because of resources and funding and time! The good news is that there are some pretty amazing hunters in this world who see this challenge and chose to meet it head-on. And that is exactly what my friend Sereena Thompson has done by launching an e-course on Hunting How-To! Sereena has created a gem of a resource for folks to further their knowledge and skillset through a self-paced online course she calls the Successful Hunter Course!

This type of resource is a huge step forward in the delivery of exceptional information for all newly-licensed hunters wondering what their next step should be! Sereena is as laid back as they come, and has a stellar resume when it comes to training and educating people of all ages in hunting skills. She is an NRA Certified Rifle Instructor and USA Archery Level 2 Instructor and most importantly she is a Hunter! A real Hunter! Her course covers so many key aspects from what it takes to plan and prepare for a hunt, hunting skills needed in the field and even what to do once you are successful. The coolest thing about the course is that it is self-paced. You can listen to a chapter, hit pause and get to work honing the skills you just learned from that lesson. Once you are ready for the next step, move to the next lesson! This is a game-changer in my opinion to building confidence and self-esteem for new hunters. Confidence is so important and learning from the comfort of your own home from a person as knowledgable as Sereena makes it so easy!

I buzzed through the course myself and feel like it is a course worth taking if you are wondering if this whole hunting thing is something you might want to jump into. I have so many women reach out to me with nervous questions and curiosity about how to “get into hunting”, this is your course. Plus Sereena is constantly adding content and bonuses through the course private Facebook group. It is a great resource and I am happy to recommend it! If you are interested in more details or feedback from me, drop a comment below, and if you are ready to enroll in the course, please use my link to enroll so Sereena can track where all her students are hearing about the course from. Also, let me know if you enroll. I am here to help in any way I can. Plus I’ll be apart of the Private Facebook Group too!

Click here for more info or to sign up for the Successful Hunter Online Course with Sereena Thompson!

Fine Print: I may receive a commission for my referral but all opinions on the course are my own!

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