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Honor a Vet this Holiday Season

December 3, 2019

Hey guys,

I wanted to tell you all about a cause that is near and dear to my heart. I first learned about this movement from my CJSF advisor, Heather during a monthly chapter meeting last Decemeber. She was talking about an event called Wreaths Across America which I envisioned as a parade that carries wreaths across all the States. Later I found out it was a program with a mission to cover all Veterans’ graves with a Christmas wreath. Heather explained to us that it was a great way to honor our Nation’s heroes during the holiday season. She also showed us that wreaths could be pre-purchased through a donation website and they would arrive at our local cemetery on the designated day to place the wreaths. She had set a goal for our CJSF Chapter to rally atleast 400 wreath donations from our little community. My brother was instantly motivated to spread the word and encourage as many people as he could to pre-purchase the wreaths. He posted a call to action on his social media pages and really seemed to increase interest in the event. I even remember him telling someone in the grocery store about the website and he and I checked every day to see the wreath donation numbers. It was awesome to see so many people donating wreaths and the numbers tallying up. Our CJSF Chapter met its goal!

I loved helping spread the word about wreath donations, but I would soon find out that the wreath-laying event would hook me in for good. The event was held at the Sutter Cemetery and before the placing of wreaths there was a very moving ceremony in honor of the Veterans that were laying in rest at our little cemetery. The color guard from Beale Air Force Base presented the flags, they even performed the 21 gun salute and taps too. Taps can make any proud American tear up! After the ceremony, everyone split up to unpack the big boxes of wreaths and place them on all the graves marked with a small American flag. It was an amazing thing to see so many people working together to bring the Christmas spirit to those who proudly served our country. At the end of the event, our cemetery was beautifully decorated with so many veteran wreaths. But, sadly so many were left undecorated as well. I made plans then and there that I would do all I could to set a higher number goal for more wreaths this year. 

So now the time has come to rally the donations! Our Wreaths Across America Ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, December 14th. WE only have a few days left to meet our new chapter goal of 550 wreaths! As the 2019 CJSF President, I would love to see every Veterans’ grave with a wreath on it, but the Brittan CJSF needs everyone’s help and support to reach this new goal of 550 wreaths! Even better would be if we could have a wreath on every Veteran Headstone. There are nearly 3,700 Veterans laying in rest in our Sutter Cemetery! Now wouldn’t that be a Christmas Miracle to see us hit that many! Please consider donated at least one wreath. It truly is a great cause and this year will mark the 28th season of wreaths being donated to remember our fallen heroes during the holidays!

Click this link to directly donate through our CJSF Page:

Thanks so much in advance! 

All the best, 


So let us REMEMBER the fallen who gave up their tomorrows with their family and loved ones for the privilege we are able to share with our families today.

Let us HONOR those who never made it home as these Christmas wreaths from the State of Maine begin the annual trek to their eventual home adorning the graves of our veterans at Arlington National Cemetery.

Let us TEACH our children about the freedoms we enjoy each day and the great cost at which it was obtained.

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