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Guns, Laws and Grassroots Fundraising

April 7, 2018

Tragic and horrific events always provoke new legislation; mass shootings, especially, and with warrant. Many of the most sensible gun laws enacted over time have come from our legislators here in California in the wake of past gun related tragedies. But, many illogical and sometimes ludicrous bills have been introduced as a result as well. Assemblyman Holden from Pasadena, California has introduced a bill that might top the chart of futile gun laws and may sadly lead to more devastation, just of a different sort.

Holden’s bill, AB 3199 would prohibit firearms as raffle prizes by charitable organizations in California. Many people see this and immediately think that guns must be handed out at these events like party favors and laws must be put in place to prevent criminals from obtaining guns as prizes and honestly that misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, all firearms “won” as raffle prizes at fundraising events are still required to go through the required processes of acquiring a firearm in California, including a background check and ten day waiting period. Additionally, many conservation organizations rely on grassroots fundraising to accomplish their missions and make a positive impact on California’s environment.

If passed, this bill would lead to severe declines in funding for conservation in California. It is obvious to me that the author of this bill, ultimately wanted to target the funding sources of many pro-second amendment organizations. Kind of a kick ‘em were it hurts tactic. However, many of those organizations are the heart and sole of wildlife conservation efforts here in California. This bill would do nothing to protect California from gun violence and its unfortunate result would be damaging to habitat restoration and conservation projects Statewide.

This threatening bill currently awaits review in the Assembly Committee on Governmental Organization. I have no idea how much weight it carries and what it’s likely hood is of passing is, but I don’t think we can risk it. I have included a list of each of the members of this committee below and both Casey and I will be calling / emailing them directly to let them know how very much we oppose this bill. I encourage you all to do the same.

I’d also like to share with you a great article written for the National Wild Turkey Federation, When Gun Control Bills Aren’t About Gun Control – Dr. Chris O’Brien, about this bill and the potential impacts it would have here in California. His article might inspire you to sit down and call these Assembly Members if what I’ve written didn’t already do the trick! Let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

Call or Email Each of These Assembly Members and Voice Your Opposition to AB 3199!

• Adam C. Gray (Chair) – Democrat – (916) 319-2021 or email

• Frank Bigelow (Vice Chair) – Republican – (916) 319-2005 or email

• Dante Acosta – Republican – (916) 319-2038 or email

• Cecilia Aguiar-Curry – Democrat – (916) 319-2004 or email

• Marc Berman – Democrat – (916) 319-2024 or email

• Rob Bonta – Democrat – (916) 319-2018 or email

• Ken Cooley – Democrat – (916) 319-2008 or email

• Jim Cooper – Democrat – (916) 319-2009 or email

• Tom Daly  – Democrat – (916) 319-2069 or email

• James Gallagher – Republican – (916) 319-2003 or email

• Eduardo Garcia – Democrat – (916) 319-2056 or email

• Mike A Gipson – Democrat – (916) 319-2064 or email

• Todd Gloria – Democrat – (916) 319-2078 or email

• Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer, Sr. – Democrat – (916) 319-2059 or email

• Mark Levine – Democrat – (916) 319-2010 or email

• Evan Low – Democrat – (916) 319-2028 or email

• Chad Mayes – Republican – (916) 319-2042 or email

• Blanca E. Rubio – Democrat – (916) 319-2048 or email

• Rudy Salas, Jr. – Democrat – (916) 319-2032 or email

• Mark Steinorth – Republican – (916) 319-2040 or email

• Marie Waldron – Republican – (916) 319-2075 or email

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