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Gifting the Scent of Christmas!

December 20, 2019

Memories are so strongly linked to smells! One whiff of cloves, sweet citrus, cinnamon sticks and the fresh scent of Christmas pine trees is like a warm hug from home! My momma always had some sort of “hippie” concoction simmering in her simmer pot on the top of the wood-burning stove at home, but the fresh potpourri she would burn during the holidays is the one that I will not ever smell and think of home at Christmas time! 

Mom’s Simmering Pot

This year, I wanted to share this happy tradition with our friends and neighbors wrapped up in a cute little Christmas package! And even though many homes don’t have a woodburning stove, that is ok, because this stovetop simmering spice mix can easily be simmered on any kitchen stovetop and make your home smell magical!

Downloadable and Printable Instruction Tag

First things first, download the free printable tag with the instructions for simmering. Print them on card stock, cut them out and sign your name at the bottom. You’ll also need to punch a hole in the top corner to string your ribbon or jute through to attach to the package. 

Beautiful, Nature Inspired Ingredients

Now for the how to:

Gather up a few of your favorite fresh ingredients. 

Fresh Cranberries

Fresh Mandarins

Fresh Sprigs of Pine

Cinnamon Sticks


You’ll also need some sort of gift packaging. I choose to use the little bread loaf boats that come with the plastic bag and tie. You could use any type of tin, jar or treat bag that is clear or has a window. You will want to be able to see the beauty of these ingredients when packaged together. 

I also used some jute, but you could also use any type of ribbon. 

Tip: Cloves or any spices can get really expensive. So hit up your grocery stores that have the bulk bins. You can get a ton more bang out of your buck going with this option.

So the easy part is just arranging all these pretty ingredients together. The colors are so vibrant and just pop when layered together in any fashion. So have fun with this part. 

To use the potpourri, simply put everything into a small pan or pot, cover with water bring to a boil then simmer on low and let the smell fill your home with holiday love!!

Stove Top Simmering Potpourri

I wish I could deliver one of these to each of you who read and support this blog, but please know that I truly treasure your support and send all sorts of love and well wishes to you all this Christmas season!

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