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Not Your Ordinary Egg Hunt!

April 4, 2015

I have been on staff now with California Waterfowl for just shy of a year. That means I have had the last 10 months to prepare for my first ever nesting season! Lots has gone on in that time frame for sure. Lots of triumphs, lots of frustrations, lots of change to say the least. I have been humbled by the amount of support that many individuals have shown for my Egg Salvage and Duck Rescue Program. I have also lost many hours of sleep over the logistics of running a program of this magnitude. Of course, I have completely and totally enveloped myself in it. Learning every little thing I can, and trying to find solutions to how to best mediate the loss of nests by farming equipment.

Coordinating this effort has not been an easy task, nor is an end anywhere in sight, and I will be very honest in saying that I have been feeling very defeated lately. However, this week, a ray hope shined so warmly down on me, that I was once again completely refueled and my “I can do this” batteries recharged! We successfully located and rescued our first nest of the season! Words cannot explain everything I was feeling during that search, while riding on the back one of the quads dragging a rope with gravel filled cans rattling through that beautiful field of vetch. I almost didn’t believe my eyes when that beautiful hen flushed from her nest. In fact, had I been by myself, I might have sat right in the middle of all that lush green cover and cried!

First Nest FB Post

Eggs are currently being incubated at a CWA Partner Hatchery in Grimes, in the diligent care of a true Egg Rescue Pro, Roger Moore. I can’t thank Park Farming Organics enough, for caring. For realizing the importance of Egg Salvage and the vital role farmers and agriculture play in this pro active attempt to mediate the loss of  the ground nesting birds and waterfowl. I think this program is a true example of conservation and the lengths that not only hunters go, but farmers too, for preservation of our resources!

Landowners, Farmers and Custom Farming Operators, can call me! Anytime! and we can discuss ways that egg rescue attempts can become part of your farming routines. Mobile: (530) 870-7589 Email:


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