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The menu question is one of the most frequently asked questions in my life! “Mom, What’s for Dinner?”,   is something that I can’t avoid even when I am leaving on a hunting trip. I know that I could just be like one of the guys and settle for a pack of hot dogs and buns and maybe a few granola bars. Heck, I have even been on a hunt where one of the guys stopped and grabbed a few $5 pizzas on his way to camp and planned to eat that for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week long stay! Not too bad of an idea, but honestly there is no reason that you can’t plan ahead and eat healthy and hearty meals that will fuel your body for the long hard days of hunting ahead of you!


Camp cooking is a task that kinda naturally gets handed to the girl on a trip, even if it’s not discussed. This added task at the end of a long day of hunting can be dreadful, but I have found a way to make it quick and easy just by planning ahead. Casey and I are packing up as we speak to head for the archery opener in A12 this weekend, so I thought I would share with you a few ideas of what I am packing & prepping (food wise) for the 4 days we will be in camp!


This is the easiest meal of the day to prep for! Scrambled Eggs and Sausage Breakfast Burritos, Scrambled Egg Cups, Hard Boiled Eggs and lots of Bacon is all prepped before we even leave! Bacon is packed in zip lock bags and a dozen hard boiled eggs are thrown in the Yeti! I roll the breakfast burritos then wrap them in foil and freeze them before we go! They start to thaw in the cooler once they are packed and then they are simple to heat up on the outskirts of the fire while we are getting ready to leave camp in the morning.  Diced peppers, some ground sausage and beaten eggs are all mixed together and baked in a cupcake tin a few days before we leave, and these are easy to grab and eat before the hunt. I even like to eat them cold. Really simple, but healthy food that is packed with nutrients to keep you going all morning long.



I make everyone sandwiches before I go to bed each night. Everyone gets a turkey or ham sandwich on wheat bread and two peanut butter and jellies! Simple to pack in your back pack with an apple, and some almonds and beef jerky too! EASY! and yes…I love mini vanilla wafers. Atleast they are mini!


Foil packets are the best idea ever! I think the boy scouts call them “hobo meals”, but I like to call them my “hunter meals”! Before we head out, I slice and dice anything and everything I can and pack the stuff  into ziplock bags to throw in the ice chest! Doing this prep work, makes dinner so much easier! Even for the burger night, the patties are made and frozen beforehand and all the lettuce, tomatoes and onions are cut and packed before we leave! Below is a recipe of a camp favorite that we will be making this weekend, which is an easy Southwest Style Chicken Meal. Campfire Burritos are another easy one that is on the menu this weekend and Chili too is always a for sure meal on our hunts! I cook a big pot before and freeze and take with us. You can easily heat a pot of chili and toast some rolls on an open flame or a camp grill.  Oh yeah and flour, eggs, ritz crackers and oil are always brought along to make the celebration dinner of backstrap or liver and onions too, if luck is on our side!


So these are only a few examples, and of course longer hunts require even more prep, and even more meals to cook! There is no right or wrong, pizza is certainly do-able;), but eating healthy is still a goal even when we hit the trail!


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