Inspiring Families to Hunt, Fish, and Adventure Together

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A California Sight You Have to See

August 1, 2019

How is it that I have not ventured to Burney Falls until now!? If you are in this same boat then the fear of missing out should be huge for you, because YOU ARE MISSING OUT! FOMO!!! Plain and simple! I have seen some …

ISE Show Inspires Families to Connect through Nature!

January 13, 2017

We are days away from moving our booth into Cal Expo for a long weekend of trade show life! The International Sportsmen’s Expo opens in Sacramento on Thursday the 19th and runs through Sunday the 22nd and if you are interested in attending an …

The Sit and Wait Buck

October 3, 2015

90% of the bow hunting I do is spot and stalk style hunting. I absolutely love the challenge in spotting a buck 500 to 1000 yards away and methodically putting a game plan together to cut that utterly long distance and get myself within …

Success on Road Three!

August 21, 2015

It always takes me a while to sum up a hunt and put it all into perspective in my own mind, let alone write about the experience. I can chat about it just fine in person, but writing it out seems almost too challenging …

Easy Deer Camp Meals!

August 14, 2015

The menu question is one of the most frequently asked questions in my life! “Mom, What’s for Dinner?”,   is something that I can’t avoid even when I am leaving on a hunting trip. I know that I could just be like one of the …