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Regina Stafford is a managing partner of CICC Outdoor Adventures, a premier hunting  and fishing guide service in the Northern Sacramento Valley. Regina alongside her husband Casey and their team of top notch guides, accommodate nearly 1,000 guest hunters and anglers each year. Additionally, she is employed by the California Waterfowl Association as part of the Conservation Programs Team coordinating their Egg Salvage and Duck Rescue Program. Her conservation work has been showcased on the Outdoor Network with much accolade. Regina has been hunting and fishing since the age of three. She has become an archery hunting machine and is a wealth of knowledge on the sport. Her passion for the outdoors is infectious and she has made it her mission to motivate others to get their families outdoors. Whether it be hunting, fishing, camping or bird watching, her “Live Long in the Outdoors” blog and weekly segment on the California Sportsmen Radio Show with Sep Hendrickson has become a popular resource for information on outdoor family activities and educational opportunities.

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