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A New Home for Jewel!

February 22, 2015

I think it’s time to start looking for a new home for “Jewel”…my bow:)

I’m not one to part with things like this too easily. I actually find it funny. After all, if Casey was wanting to buy a new gun he would just buy a new gun. There wouldn’t be any trading-in or selling of an old one first. I may just end up keeping her, but if I find her the perfect home then I’d love for her to make another shooter happy and maybe mark a few more kills too!

I will share more about my bow shopping in future posts. Believe me, it’s been a learning curve for sure and I have plenty to share in a series of posts to follow. I have yet to commit to a new bow as of yet, but I do think selling the Jewel would help to speed up the process.

So, let me break down her specifics…
You can look up this bow on the Mathews, Inc, site by clicking here.
2011 Mathews Jewel
55# Draw Weight
24.5″ Draw Length
With those specs and the Easton Axis 500 Arrows that I am currently hunting with and an 85 grain field point, the IBO Speed is 245 fps (shot through our own chronograph).

“Jewel” is outfitted with some cool gear too:
QAD Drop Away Rest
5 Pin Spot Hogg Sight
Fuse 8.5″ Carbon Blade Stabilizer
Mathews Detachable 5 Arrow Quiver

I can’t say enough about the smoothness of the draw on this bow. In my opinion Mathews has that completely figured out! I know that 55# is a pretty hard pull for most female shooters, but it’s not far fetched. I’m fairly certain with lots of routine shooting, any gal can build up to this draw weight.  The other most awesome feature about the Jewel is that she is light! I have packed her deep into the back country a few times and have been so thankful for that feature alone! I’m not going to go into much more detail about the bow. I do not think there are two archers in this whole big amazing world, who would have the exact same opinion on a bow. And I never thought I would agree with this, but I am finding more truth to the statement that bow enthusiasts are very similar to truck enthusiasts: if you’re a Chevy guy, you’re a Chevy Guy Forever. Just as a Mathews Lover is a Mathews Lover Forever…

I’ll keep you posted on that but for now, if you might be interested in checking “Jewel” out, let me know and you can come give her a whirl!

Right Side Rest Limb Left Side DW DL

    1. Courtni

      I am intrested in your bow you have for sale. Please email call or text. Thanks a bunch! 573-259-1902

      • Regina

        Hi Wayne, Thanks for your interest in the bow. Unfortunately, I did sell it already. Wish you the best of luck finding something for your wife to shoot. The Jewel is an awesome bow. I would recommend it for sure. Thanks again, Regina

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