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A Dozen Years of Marriage!

September 10, 2016

Casey and I will be celebrating our 12th Wedding Anniversary this Sunday!  A whole dozen years later, I am pretty darn proud to say I still kind of like the guy. After all, marriage is tough. It’s hard work all the time. Throw kids in the mix and it becomes even harder. And on top of that, run a business together! It’s not easy, that’s for sure. Another aspect of our marriage that we try to blend together is our passion for the outdoors as hunting partners. What it comes down to is that Casey and I spend a whole lot of time together. Like a crazy amount of time. Although spending all your time with the one you love might sound like a great thing, most people realize that sharing a bed, a business and a hunting blind, can come with some headaches. People ask us both, quiet often, how we are able to do it. But I think the main principle that guides us through the personal side of our marriage, is exactly the same as what guides us through our business relationship and our hunting relationship too. Hopefully this post doesn’t get too cheesy, but  I thought I’d share with you that one “secret ingredient” that I think has helped guide us through many adventures, good and bad, over the last twelve years…

We maintain equal roles. Yep, its as simple as that. Nothing too revolutionary at all. Stereotypical wife / husband roles and responsibilities just do not exist in our house. Casey is just as efficient at washing and folding laundry, as I am at skinning game. The same holds true on the business side of things and is even more evident when we are in the mountains together. It’s teamwork at it finest. Pull your own weight as best you can and if you can’t, your other half will. We are equal partners in everything we do; marriage, business, and hunting. By valuing and recognizing this equality we have learned to treat each other with respect, we always think of each others needs, and support one another. We set goals together and work as a team to achieve them. We make decisions together and truly rely on one another. I don’t want you to think that our relationship has not had some rough patches.


There have most definitely been some deep valleys to go along with the peaks, but everything worth having doesn’t come easy and well, I guess that mantra might be secret ingredient number 2! Twelve years is a pretty big accomplishment and I am proud of the relationship Casey and I have built together. Even though this post rambled about equality and respect and hard work, I do think that a little bit of luck has played a role too! And Casey is a really lucky guy! Happy Anniversary Lovey;)




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