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10 Golden Lessons of Turkey Success

March 26, 2017

Most of you who regularly read this blog, follow me on social media, or listen to my chatter on the radio, know that my best friend Shannon and I devote many hours to the pursuit of the majestic tom turkey every spring. We always have a blast, we always have a comical story to tell, but today our hunt was different because today is the day that Shannon and I join the ranks of successful turkey hunters!! Well, ok, we half-way make it into those ranks because Shannon flat out pummeled the “the man bird on the right” and I sent an arrow into the trees just barely over the back of “the man bird on the left”! But really all that matters is that we had birds in our laps today and we weren’t going home without one of them while doing it together!!!! My face seriously hurts from smiling SO BIG! We did a lot of things right today to make this hunt successful and even though I missed, I can’t begin to tell you how rewarding it is for me and Shannon to say we finally killed a bird!!!

Shannon Foster Turkey Hunt 2017

“The best turkey hunters learn something new every day in the spring woods, but successful hunts serve as the ultimate golden opportunities to capture valuable turkey-hunting knowledge for future use.” – There ya have it! A direct quote from an article I recently read in Outdoor Life. A great article too, btw. Check it out here. While today is still fresh in my mind, I thought I’d document the lessons learned from our first successful turkey hunt. Side note***please remember that although this blog has become a resource for many readers, it started as a way to journal some of my family’s favorite moments in the outdoors. This post may better fit the later.

Spring Turkey 2017

  1. Don’t start the hunt by asking if belly crawling will be involved. This will only jinx the situation into guaranteeing that not only will belly crawling be happening, but many other physically demanding movements as well; such as weighted leg raises, swimming, and tuck and rolls.
  2. Even if you spend more than half your yearly salary on gear such as Sitka and Under Armour, the word “designer” is only used to reference boots like Hunter Wellys.
  3. The above mentioned designer boots are highly susceptible to quick sand / suction mud deaths, so beware. Always wear thick socks for a plan B if wearing designer boots.
  4. It may be strictly coincidence but full camo, head to toe, has to happen for success. This includes face painting (all three colors – black, green, and brown) and a hat must be worn. Aaron Watson camouflage tour ball caps are recommended.
  5. When needing to cross ditches that are full of water with turkeys within 60 yards, swimming across the ditch is your ONLY option, regardless of the foot bridge 20 yards down.
  6. Whatever you do, do not pull your phone out of your pocket to video any of the hunt. This electronic device will be spotted from miles away by other hunters, who will immediately begin texting you what your next move should be as soon as they realize that you did in fact bring your phone.
  7. Calling is over rated and sometimes forgotten all together. There was just too much going on to think about calling.
  8. Ultimate Predator Stalker Decoys are hands down the only decoy ever needed. If “that thing” hadn’t been strapped to the front of my bow during this stalk, we wouldn’t have had the awesome turkey enchiladas we had for dinner tonight. It was absolutely incredible to watch those gobblers turn and charge at us. They closed the gap from 40 to 10 in 2 minutes flat.
  9. Practice shooting your bow at close range distances, from your knees, with the Stalker Decoy attached.
  10. If you are a purist turkey archer some days the trick to a successful hunt and many other of life’s challenges is to have a best friend that always has your back…and happens to be shooting a 12ga with a Magnum Blend Load. BOOM!

PS. Check back later this week for the wild turkey enchilada recipe!!

Wild Turkey Enchiladas

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