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10 Christmas Gifts an Outdoorsy Lady will Love!

December 16, 2017

I just happened to type the words female, hunter, and gift guide in the Google search bar and scrolled through a couple different lists (compiled by some pretty big outdoor publications) and some of the suggestions actually made me cringe with worry for anyone that made the mistake of buying some of the items on those lists! I know it can sometimes be tricky to find the perfect gift for the outdoorsy / hunting lady in your life. Believe me, I get it! But, in all actuality, I think us outdoor gals are easier to shop for than you might think and socks and underwear should not be on a gift list, ever, sorry. So anyhow, I put together a go-to gift list for all of you who might still be looking for some last minute suggestions. Many of these items, I am proud to own, and a couple I would love to own (hint, hint, Casey). But, I am confident that you won’t get any complaints about any of the gifts on this guide.

Gift Guide 2017

1. Girls w Guns Solid Jacket

Love this jacket! Besides it being water resistant, wind proof, and breathable, it’s black! A solid color jacket that mimics every great thing about a hunting jacket minus the camo! YAAASSS! It is a perfect fit, a perfect color, and certainly will make a perfect gift!

2. The Sitka Women’s Line

I put my hunting gear to the test this year, spending 10 days deep in the Yukon Territory, moose hunting. I needed well fitting, comfortable gear that would wick away sweat after hard steep climbs and after 6 days of wear, wick away my stench too. The new Sitka Women’s Line in Subalpine, did not disappoint and I guarantee it would make any huntress smile from ear to ear as a Christmas gift!!

3. Ultimate Predator Decoy

She may question your motives when she opens this gift. She may not fully appreciate the beauty of a decoy that straps to her bow, but believe me, she will be thrilled when she puts it to use and sees just how awesome her hunting becomes! Every bowhunter knows that the right equipment can lead to success and this is next level stuff!! Buy it! Quick!

4. Matador Packs

Matador Packable Adventure Travel Gear is just plain awesome. The Beast28 Technical Backpack folds up into a keychain size little pouch that is light and takes up zero space in your hunting pack! Its incredible and great for almost any adventure! I have even been known to use it as a purse on occasion, not that a backpack makes for a stylish purse, but it works great to bring to sporting events or other mom type jobs.  Love these products and I know any outdoor loving momma would too!

5. Mountain Maid Antler Jewelry

So I have a few antler necklaces that I love!!! My Quinn, custom crafted one for me all by herself after seeing all the beautiful pieces on display at a trade show and I of course bought one on the spot. Knowing I’d want one in every color, Quinn got busy crafting another! If you are not into crafting your own, check out the Shop Mountain Made Website.

6. Browning A5 Ultimate

This is a little gift that I gifted to myself earlier this year! I kinda felt obligated to make a gun suggestion because guns are always a nice keepsake and this one is just so dang pretty. In fact, I think every female waterfowler should have one! It sure does pretty up the duck blind!!! It’s light too. Not like some of those old A5’s buried in the back of the safe!

7. Lululemon Down for a Run Jacket

I fell in love with “down” in the Yukon! It was an insulation layer I couldn’t live without! Every night, I climbed into down pants and a down jacket and then into my down sleeping bag! So cozy and warm! But I couldn’t get myself to hunt with it on! You just can’t move when you look like the Marshmellow Man! This jacket solves that problem! A sleek, close fitting jacket, filled with down!!! Finally, a layering piece that ads warmth without the bulk! PS. I love all Lululemon Athletica gear and actually wear more of their products while hunting, than any hunting company products out there!

8. Sorel Slimpack Tall Boots

“This timeless, waterproof, and insulated classic, channels the rugged style of an equestrian riding boot yet is perfectly suited for everyday wear.” Bingo! I couldn’t have said it better. Casey got me a pair of these a couple years ago, and I love love love them! One of his better gifting choices to date!

9. Tahoe SUP Paddle Board

Paddle Boarding is so much fun! And it’s a great workout too! I think this gift speaks for itself. I do suggest the inflatable type, nobody wants to hassle with storing one of these bad boys in the off-season! Check out the boards at Tahoe SUP – They have something for everyone!

10. Yeti Rambler Mug

Because a real handle is so much better than a plastic slip-on handle! These mugs are great and would make a perfect gift bundled with a couple pounds of Starbucks Christmas Blend Coffee while it’s still available!

Now get busy shopping! You are almost out of time! The great thing about this guide is that many of the items can be found at your local sporting goods stores! Check out Kittles Outdoor in Colusa, Pacific Flyway Supplies in Dixon, and Guns, Fishing and Other Stuff in Vacaville.

I guess if nothing catches your eye on this list, you could always give her a puppy. You can never go wrong with a puppy! Happy Shopping Fellas!


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